Power Box Evolussem Audi Q2 1.6 TDI 116Hp +28Hp +51Nm


Evolussem Power Box +25% more power +30% more torque -15% less fuel and 30 days money back guarantee.

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  • Performance tuning chip EVOLUSSEM Booster 1 Gold series.
  • Your car lacks power and acceleration ? Or consumes too much fuel ? This chip tuning is the solution, it will make you increase 25% power and 30% of torque and at the same time make you save up to 15% fuel.
  • This is a true digital chip tuning, with a true latest generation digital electronic circuit board built with heavy duty components. It automatically self-regulates according to the engine speed.
  • You're undoubtedly asking what are your guarantees? Well, firstly, the chip tuning is guaranteed for 10 years and we always tested before shipping.
  • But that's not all, the device has a money back guarantee for 30 days if you are not satisfied..
  • "And what is the cost of these guarantees?" These warranties are offered with the purchase of the chip, you will not pay a cent more.
  • Plug & Drive: With this amazing package no need to spend hours of installation, because it use the original connectors water proof and identical to those of your vehicle, its installation will take no more than 5 to 15 minutes on most vehicles.
  • In this product we can assure you that you will find a real quality electronic circuit board and not just a single resistor or just a potentiometer as in 90% of cases on the market.
  • The case of the chip is all anodized aluminium in gold and black, which gives it great thermal and mechanical resistance and a really great looks.
  • With dimensions of 3 inch by 2 3/4 inch and 1 inch thick, it can easily be placed where you want. It's long and flexible wire make the task of installing more easy.
  • Booster 1 also has an adjustment screw to precisely refine the power and torque if you wish.
  • You might worry about your engine ? Not to worry, with our many years of experience incorporated into the creation of tuning chip, we certify that it will not harm your engine even in the long term.
  • Or maybe you care for your turbo ? No fear, this chip tuning does not change any parameter of your turbo.
  • This chip also meets the building standards as well as the European standards in terms of pollution.
  • "Why do you sell at such low prices?" This question is classic and we say: stop believing in chips tuning which cost the price of an LCD TV or a computer, because a chip tuning is manufactured with standard components compared to a computer that is equipped with electronics one thousand times more complex and yet sold at the same price, sometimes more. Our prices are reasonable and related to the true value of an chip tuning.
  • This chip also has a light system which detects problems, the blue LED will indicate proper operation and a red LED lights up for failure.
  • But better yet, this device is re-programmable to another vehicle, provided of course that the new vehicle has the same connectors (like any re-programmable chip).
  • Furthermore, no safety device on the vehicle will need to be changed and the vehicle will keep absolutely all of its functions.
  • "But my car has a particulate filter, what to do?" Well, just buy this chip as it is adapted to 100% for vehicles with or without a particulate filter.
  • 100% new, it will be delivered quickly, with invoice and assembly instructions 100% in English with diagrams and photos.
  • Delivered with two 12 inch mounting clamps and a 2 inch strip of adhesive Velcro (scratch), which will let you attach the box with ease where you wish.
  • "But why do you not build a box with remote control ?" We have done many tests with remote controls on the device, that being said its been very bad for the engine to constantly turn the device on and off because the computer does not have time to adapt and therefore this is bad for your engine (equivalent to hooking it up with the engine running).
  • If after purchase you have problems with installation, use or other questions, our service department will be happy to answer your questions quickly and accurately.
  • If you're still not confident you can read our positive reviews.

100% Guaranteed So Go Ahead And Try It

If you have any question, feel free to contact us HERE


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